Make a Shift Today

I co-own a gluten free, grain free, allergy free, baking business with my husband, Colette and Frank’s Gluten Free Goodness. We started it years ago because of my food sensitivities to 150 food products. It seems like so long ago, yet I remember vividly what it was like to feel that bad.

I remember what it was like to feel rotten all of the time and not be able to eat what I loved. I remember thinking how odd it was that I grew up on the Mediterrean diet, yet I still ended up with these health issues.

It took me years to get rid of them and today there are still some foods I need to eat in small amounts. 

It took me awhile to shift my eating habits and be okay with it. Yes. Be okay with it. Sometimes we know something doesn’t agree with us, yet we continue to eat it because it tastes so good, right? 

In order to make that shift toward eating foods that agree with you, you first have to figure out what doesn’t agree with you. Sometimes it is not as obvious as you think. Yet, tracking how each food makes you feel over 3 days can help. And research shows once you stay away from those foods for 6 weeks, you can try introducing them back in slowly over time to see which ones work for you.

Why is this so important? Beyond feeling better, research indicates that your immune system is housed in your gut. That means if your gut is off, so is your immune system and that may impact other parts of your body.
As a functional medicine health coach, I often coach people who have gut issues and food allergies and sensitivies¬†to help them establish goals and feel better. Sometimes just having someone who walks hand-in-hand with you helps. Click here for you’d like to get started with a free 15-minute discovery session.

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